AEO, Authorized Economic Operator.

Information on new legislation and legislative amendments.

Import and Export customs clearance.

Excisable goods.

Certificates of origin by the chamber of commerce.

Customs procedures permits, licenses, authoritations.

Support during inspections by the customs authorities.

Customs Legal Advice.


IBERICA CUSTOMS is authorized by the Spanish Tax Agency (AEAT) as a registered consignor to issue electronic accompanying documents through the EMCS system, necessary for the sending of products subject to excise duties in suspensive arrangement from the site of their import in the moment of their release for free circulation.

Specific legal and tributary counselling service in everything relating to excise duties applied to hydrocarbons, alcohol and alcoholic beverages (beer, wine and spirits), as well as with the Electricity Tax.

Informing on legislative developments.

Performance of audits on the level of fulfilment of obligations proper to the excise (hydrocarbon, alcohol…).
Processing of authorizations and advice in the self-management of excises (tributary declarations, accountability of stocks, product circulation, EMCS…).

Organizing training courses related to Customs & Excise.

Legal counselling and defence of our clients in the face of inspections done by the Spanish Tax Agency (AEAT).

Defending and submitting complaints and appeals before any judicial or administrative instance.

Advise and lend legal counsel pertaining to the corporate obligations of the companies that carry out their activity in the hydrocarbon sector: CNMC, CORES, SICBIOS.